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A Norwex home Party is a fun, easy way to help your friends discover how to reduce chemicals in their homes and our environment—and you'll receive great rewards!

Norwex has one of the best Host reward programmes around.

Receive free Host Gifts when you Host a Party with Norwex.

The Host Gifts change monthly & include hundreds of pounds in FREE product. Click on the flyer to view this month's Gifts.

What to Expect at Your Norwex Party

  • Host on your own—or co-host with a friend
  • Your party can be held at your home, conference room, church meeting hall, or anywhere you typically gather with friends
  • Your Consultant will help you set a date and send invitations and reminders
  • No prep is required, but consider serving light refreshments—it IS a party!
  • Your Consultant will bring a variety of products for your guests to experience, and demonstrate how they help create a cleaner environment (and save time and money)
  • If guests can’t make it to the party, ask your Consultant how they can still order online and award the credit to your party
  • Once your Consultant closes your party, orders normally arrive within a week to ten days
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