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    Strong and safe. Probiotics naturally eliminate stains, neutralize odors and break down contaminants.

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Making an impact, every day.

It’s a simple approach of less is more. We’ve been gifted one earth and it’s one we share—together, with small changes, we can make a big difference.

  • Reduce Chemicals

    Forever Refillable BioZyme™ Set with Dispenser
    Removing harmful chemicals in your life means less long-term impacts to your health. It also means less chemicals going into the ground, our waterways and the planet.
  • Reduce Waste

    Kitchen Counter Box Set
    Reduce the use of paper towels in your home by using microfiber cloths instead. Every day, thousands of trees are cut down to feed the paper towel industry.
  • Reduce Plastic

    Chenille Hand Towel
    Norwex® Microfiber is made from recycled and OceanBound plastics. Our recycling program converts old cloths into renewable energy that can power homes.