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Dusting Mitt

Dusting Mitt

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Breathe easy knowing your home is a healthier place. The microfiber Dusting Mitt attracts dust with its electrostatic charge and keeps it from resettling. Most dusting solutions simply move dust around or require chemical solutions to remove it.

This handy microfiber dust mitt picks up dust from any surface and leaves your home clean, without using any harmful chemicals. Simply slide it on and dust away!

The product includes BacLock® that offers continued protection against microbes and odours within the product. *

26 x 14 cm

Use and Care

Use it dry to dust all surfaces, including mini-blinds, fans, lamps, banisters, chandeliers, plants, cupboards, vents, fireplace screens and more!

Use damp to thoroughly clean heavily soiled surfaces, such as blinds and screens.

Make sure to turn off electronics before dusting as the electrostatic charge they emit can hold dust to them, competing with the static electricity in the mitt.

When using on easily scratched surfaces such as brushed stainless steel, first test Norwex Microfiber on an inconspicuous spot. Not for use on anti-glare surfaces.

• Wash slightly dirty microfibre with your favorite Norwex detergent or Washing-up Liquid under warm running water and use again before laundering. Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry or drop in the dryer. When air drying, always hang to dry, as leaving darker colours of damp microfibre on surfaces may stain them.
• Launder microfibre with other lint-free laundry using a Norwex laundry detergent, which is free from fillers.
• Do not use bleach. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets when laundering microfibre as these additives coat the surface of the fibres and reduce their ability to clean effectively.


*BacLock® is our exclusive antibacterial agent for self-cleansing purposes only. The agent is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odour, mould and mildew growth within the product. Contains silver sodium hydrogen zirconium phosphate.

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