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Rubber Brush

Rubber Brush

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This handy rubber brush with its flexible bristles is going to be one of your favorite cleaning tools!

Removes hair, lint, dirt, dust and crumbs from textiles, pets, vehicles, furniture and carpets. Gets where vacuums can’t and makes cleaning better with its convenient size for those hard-to-reach spaces. It’s the ideal go-to for spot-cleaning.

Easily cleans Mop Pads, Entry Mats and EnviroWand®; just brush debris into the bin after use. It also quickly removes hair, lint, crumbs and dust from textiles, pets, car seats, furniture and carpeted stairs.

16 cm x 5 cm

Use and Care

Using short strokes, brush fabric or Mop Pad in the direction of the grain of the material. Continue to brush from one end to the other, moving all dust and hair toward the edge of the material or Mop Pad.

Brush the debris into a bin. For Mop Pads, brush material against the grain to lift fibres and re-brush if necessary.

Rubber is naturally flexible, tough and impermeable.
Some people use the Rubber Brush to brush their cats and dogs.

Can be washed under running water after use.

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