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Telescopic Mop Handle

Telescopic Mop Handle

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Our durable, adjustable Telescopic Mop Handle is an integral part of our Norwex Mop Systems and key to helping you clean floors, walls and a multitude of hard-to-reach areas.


• Extra-strong aluminium construction provides longer product life and superior performance.
• Adjustable to comfortably fit any user height.
• Extends for effortless cleaning of even the most out-of-the-way places.
• Designed for use with Norwex Mop Base, Mop Pads and water only to reduce harmful chemicals in your home

Use and Care

• Loosen to adjust to your height by turning the locking mechanism to the open position.
• Extend the handle to chin height and turn the locking mechanism to the closed position.
• Attach the Telescopic Mop Handle to the Mop Base by depressing the push-buttons on the base and then sliding the handle onto the base until the push-buttons lock into the holes.
• Press the Mop Base onto the Norwex Mop Pad, securing it firmly.
• To clean walls or ceilings, lock the Mop Base by pushing both sides of its lever down until it snaps into place.
• To attach the Telescopic Mop Handle to the EnviroWand, Squeegee Attachment or Rubber Broom, depress the push-buttons on the accessory and then slide the handle onto it until the push-buttons lock into the holes.
Wipe with a damp EnviroCloth® if needed.

Features & Benefits

• On-trend colours to match every decor.
• Easy-to-adjust locking mechanism keeps the handle at the right height for you.
• Securely attaches to Mop Base.
• Ergonomic handle grip.
• Can be used with the EnviroWand® to extend your reach for cleaning ceilings, high window ledges and more.
• Can be paired with the Squeegee Attachment to extend your reach for getting high windows streak-free.
• Can be used with the Rubber Broom Attachment to easily remove dust bunnies, debris, pet hair and more from carpeted stairways and to dry floors or windows with the squeegee side.

Problem and Solution

Many mop handles are made of plastic and prone to break easily, which means they may need to be replaced often. Plus, their one-size-fits-all construction may not work comfortably for everyone.

As one of the components in the Norwex Mop System, our aluminium Telescopic Mop Handle is adjustable and virtually indestructible so you can efficiently clean floors and more.

Did You Know

Some typical floor cleaning systems require you to purchase batteries, replacement cleaning pads and multiple bottles of chemical-laden solution. These items are not only expensive, they are also unsustainable and can add chemicals to your floors, where children and pets play.

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