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Bright & White Booster - 500 g

Bright & White Booster - 500 g

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Our USDA certified 87% biobased bleach alternative safely lifts and removes the toughest laundry stains and odours,
brightening whites and boosting colours in all temperatures.* You can also use it throughout the house to remove set-in stains and grime from grout, vinyl, granite and much more.

Powered by active oxygen and four types of enzymes, this colour-safe, powdered bleach alternative can be added to the wash, mixed with water and sprayed onto surfaces, or made into a paste. It’s a deep clean that’s safer for your family and the earth. No more pungent bleach fumes!

*Follow garment label instructions for silk and wool

Use and Care

Our newest laundry product is a true multitasker to be used in various places in your home! Learn how to further enhance your safe haven, through these two additional uses below.

Soaking or hand washing: Combine 1 scoop (30 g) of Bright & White Laundry + Home Booster with either ½ scoop of Ultra Power Plus™ Laundry Detergent, 1 pump of Liquid Laundry Detergent or ½ of an Eco-Wash Laundry Detergent Strip in 7.5 litres of cold or warm water. Allow to dissolve fully, before submerging items. Handwash, or soak 30 minutes to 4 hours, and rinse thoroughly.
Pretreat paste: Mix ½ scoop Bright & White Laundry + Home Booster + ½ scoop of Ultra Power Plus™ or 1 pump of Liquid Laundry or ¼ of an Eco-Wash Laundry Strip and 2 tsp of water. Cover stain and let set 10–30 minutes before laundering.
Always wash fabrics according to the label care instructions. This product is not recommended for use on silk, wool or other specialty and delicate materials.

Use within 6 hours of dilution in water.


Sodium Bicarbonate (Mineral) (Cleaning Agent), Sodium Carbonate Peroxide (Non-Bleach Oxidizing Agent), Sodium Carbonate (Water Softener), Citric Acid (Plant-based) (Water Softener), Tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED) (Synthetic) (Oxidizer Activator), Laureth-6 (Plant-derived) (Surfactant), Subtilisin (Enzyme) (Breaks Down Protein-based Soil), Amylase (Enzyme) (Breaks Down Starchbased Soil), Mannanase (Enzyme) (Stain Removal Booster), Cellulase (Enzyme) (Fabric Maintenance), Apple Cider Vinegar (Plant-based) (Odor Neutralizer), Cellulose Gum (Plant-based) (Binder), Maltodextrin (Plant-based) (Thickener).

Keep out of reach of children
Wash hands thoroughly after handling.
IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.
If eye irritation persists: Get medical advice/attention.

Detergent Regulation (648/2004/EC)
Contains >15 % - 30% oxygen-based bleaching agent. < 5% nonionic surfactant < 1% enzymes.

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