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Car Wash Mitt

Car Wash Mitt

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Nubby chenille on one side and microfibre on the other gently lift dirt and grime from your car’s exterior.
The inner sponge layer means you use less water. Washes out easily with just a quick rinse; perfect for car enthusiasts!

23 cm x 17 cm

Use and Care

• It’s best to hose the vehicle down from top to bottom to remove larger particles of dirt and grime. However, you can also wash your car with a single bucket of water.

• Wet the Car Wash Mitt and wring it out well. Then use the mitt to wash a quarter of the exterior of the vehicle at a time, working your way from top to bottom. Rinse the mitt as needed.

• Finish by drying each section of the vehicle as you go with the Car Cloth. Don’t forget the wheel rims!

• When using on easily scratched surfaces, such as brushed stainless steel, first test Norwex Microfibre on an inconspicuous spot.

Not for use on anti-glare surfaces.

Features & Benefits

• Thick, plush fibres hold dirt and grime away from your car’s surface to reduce scratching.

• Super absorbent, so you can clean your entire car using just one bucket of water.

• Unique mitt design fits either hand.

• Enjoy a shiny clean car with less water and no chemicals.

• No need for harsh chemicals that can harm the environment.

• Saves money by eliminating expensive car-cleaning products.

• Saves on your water bill by using only a single bucket of water.

• Eliminates residual “chemical muck” left behind by typical cotton cloths and cleaning products.

• Open spaces in the fibres created by the splitting process in manufacturing allow the mitt to lift away maximum dirt and grime.

• Traps dirt and grime in the mitt and leaves the surface of your car cleaner, so you may not need to clean as often.

Problem and Solution

PROBLEM: Using chemicals to get your car clean isn’t good for you or the environment. In addition, you (or a car wash facility) could risk scratching your car if the wrong tools are used. Regular cotton cloths and towels aren’t a good option because they can’t pick up as much dirt, which means you may have to use several of them— and lots of water—to do the job well.

SOLUTION: The Car Wash Mitt gets your car clean and streak-free without scratching, using just one bucket of water. The thick chenille microfibre gently lifts dirt and grime up high and away from your car’s surface. And no harmful chemicals are washed into drains, which means a healthier environment for us all.

Did You Know

A standard garden hose produces about 10 gallons per minute. This means that a 10-minute car wash can use up to 100 gallons of water if you leave your hose running.

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