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Fluff And Tumble Dryer Balls

Fluff And Tumble Dryer Balls

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Static-free, wrinkle-free laundry – without using any harmful chemicals. Natural wool laundry balls reduce dryer time, wrinkles and static by separating and creating space between your clothes to allow for better air flow while softening the fabric.

For a natural scent, add essential oils to your laundry dryer balls – it’s a great dryer sheet alternative, and one that’s safer for your health.

Set includes 3 wool dryer balls in a cotton drawstring bag.

Use and Care

Place Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls in dryer with laundry and set dryer to desired heat. No need to remove them from the dryer, just reuse!

Pilling may occur over time. You can remove pills, but they actually aid in the drying process.

To refresh Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls’ static reduction quality, place each dryer ball in a thin sock and run through a hot wash cycle with detergent. Remove from sock and place in dryer on highest heat setting.

Option for scented laundry: Remove Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls after laundry is completely dry and apply a few drops of essential oil* to each ball. Toss balls back in and run for 10 minutes on Air Fluff (no heat), so the delicate oil is not damaged.

*When used in large quantities in high-heat conditions, essential oils can be a fire hazard. Use only as directed.


Made of 100% New Zealand wool. Wool is a sustainable resource and naturally biodegradable.

New Zealand’s regulations for sheep farming ensure very high standards of environmental protection, sustainability, animal welfare and social responsibility.

They will last up to two years in your dryer.

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