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Kids Hooded Towel

Kids Hooded Towel

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Cute, cozy and oh so comfortable! The super-absorbent hooded towel easily
slips on for faster drying while the plush texture keeps kids comfy from bath time
to bedtime.

• Hooded towel design stays on without slipping, allowing kids to dry themselves.
• Perfect for the delicate skin of children.

The product features BacLock®, wich protects it by winning the fight against odour-causing bacteria in the product, helping it to stay fresher longer.*

Size 89 x 89 cm

Use and Care

When using the Kids Hooded Towel to dry, a patting motion is recommended.

• Wash slightly dirty microfibre with your favourite Norwex detergent or Washing-up Liquid under warm running water and use again before laundering. Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry or drop in the dryer. When air drying, always hang to dry, as leaving darker colours of damp microfibre on surfaces may stain them.
• Launder microfibre with other lint-free laundry using a Norwex laundry detergent, which is free from fillers.
• Do not use bleach. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets when laundering microfibre as these additives coat the surface of the fibres.


*BacLock® is an antimicrobial agent solely intended to protect and self-clean the product by inhibiting growth of odour-causing bacteria, mould and mildew. BacLock® does not protect people from disease-causing pathogens. Contains silver sodium hydrogen zirconium phosphate.

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