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Mop Base

Mop Base

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A better, safer way to clean. Our sustainable and light-weight aluminum Mop Base is essential in your mopping system. Attaches to our Telescopic Handle and provides support for all Norwex Mop Pads.

Offers long-lasting durability and cleaning flexibility – use with microfiber Mop Pads either dry or with water to help reduce both plastic and chemicals in your home.

For use with: Telescopic Mop Handle and Mop Pads.


  • Small: 24 x 8 cm
  • Large: 40 x 8 cm
  • XL: 55 x 8 cm

Use and Care

Attach the Mop Base to the Telescopic Mop Handle, Spray Mop Attachment or Multi-Use Handle by depressing the push-buttons on the base and then sliding the accessory onto the base until the push-buttons lock into the holes.

Press the Mop Base onto the Norwex Mop Pad, securing it firmly.

To clean walls or ceilings, lock the Mop Base by pushing both sides of the lever down until it snaps into place.

To clean, wipe top of base with a damp EnviroCloth® if needed.

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